Lipo laser and whole body vibration

How it works?

Unlike exercise, this technology can spot-treat fat on problem areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and back. And unlike traditional liposuction, this treatment requires no anesthesia, stitches, or downtime. It works by sending cold laser light down to the fat cells in order to create tiny, temporary perforations in the fat cells' membranes. This prompts the cells to release their fatty acids into the body and shrink, resulting in lost inches. The entire process happens while the client reclines in a comfortable position and reads, listens to music, or even naps.

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Click here to schedule your appointment . For lipo laser please don't eat 1h before and 2h after 


Lose inches 

Reduces cellulite

Shrinks excess skin
Helps collagen production
No general anesthetic is required 

Pain free

Say YES to lipo laser

Before doing the fat removal or fat transfer treatment check out if cold therapy lipo laser treatment is for you. It is a noninvasive and pain-free procedure.

Whole body vibration

What's the benefit?
Burns fat
Increase Metabolism
Improves Circulation
Reduces Thread Veins
Improves appearance of skin
Improves body density
Improves balance and co-ordination
Improves flexibility
Fewer varicose vein 

Results from 10 sessions

Results from 6 sessions + exercise

Results from 6 sessions